Lifeblood : A Magic of Solendrea Single

Adamon Vendur, Grand Inquisitor of the Quintessentialists must face an impossible choice: abandon the laws and tenants of the Order he has been sworn to protect, or watch his daughter die. Lifeblood is a Magic of Solendrea Single, an entirely new, never-before released novelette that follows Adamon on his quest to save his daughter, no matter the stakes.


Lifeblood is available on this site under a Pick-Your-Price model. The download is the same no matter what you choose to pay, but if you enjoy the Magic of Solendrea series and would like to pay a little more to support this and upcoming projects, it would be greatly appreciated.

Lifeblood will be available on the Amazon Kindle platform for $1.99 on October 18th, 2017. Pre-orders are available.